I've edited a range of game publications, from hardcover core rulebooks to short companion products, and from fanzines to products by leading publishers.

My editing rates vary depending on the length of the work and complexity of the edits. Most projects fall between $0.03/word (proofreading) and $0.075/word (line-editing). I've also offered flexible fixed-budget options for crowdfunded projects.

I'm not currently soliciting editing work from new clients.

Print layout

I've also worked for years in print and digital publication production, including projects using professional print shops and print-on-demand services. I specialize in fast, consistent work on reusable templates, and my layout work includes copyfitting on request. I can also help you find quality low- or no-cost fonts and assets for your projects, generate custom decorations and assets as needed, and design book covers, tuck and product boxes, and other promotional materials.

My layout rates typically fall between $20-40/hour depending on project length and complexity, the amount of assets that must be generated, and whether the project is color or black-and-white, print or PDF-only, or involves generating an index. Keep in mind that I work fast---even large layout projects on new templates often total 20 billed hours or less, with smaller layout projects on existing templates coming in at 6 or fewer billed hours.

Ownership of the original InDesign templates is always included. I also offer flexible fixed-budget options for crowdfunded projects.

I'm not currently soliciting layout work from new clients.

Card and board game graphic design

I've designed cards, boards, tokens for game protytpes and would be happy to help you dress up your own game or prototype.

Contact me

To ask about availability or a quote on any of my services, please e-mail me with details about your project.